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This rebuttal/overview (in red) below was written July 9, 2020 to be posted at a later date  / late August 2020.  

This post below is from the FB event page. It references '3500' but originally referenced '1000'

The Indian Guinness 3500 

(originally posted July 8, 2020)

INDIAN BIKE WEEK this year, next year AND THE GUINNESS 3500 so far..
To Register

Indian Bike Week was Started in 2016, and in 2016
we Set a Guinness World Record...xxxxx

-     There was no record previously so any qty of bikes set a record if you pay Guinness to count them?

In 2017 Indian Bike Week Continued the Tradition and BEAT
the Guinness World Record we had set the previous year.

-    With about 10 more bikes, when they tried to double it? It's also common knowledge many of those were not licensed (off the dealer floor) or had licensed riders?

We raised over $200,000 for the event and donated over $20,000
To School supplies, The Shadow Warrior Project, and to Police
and also the Fire Department xxxxx

-     Raised??  No, they charged over $200,000 then ‘donated’ 20k out of the proceeds.  There is a difference. Shadow Warrior Project, PD and FD rx’d minimal donations. Show us ... each one and amounts?

What happened to the other $180,000? Event costs, Food, Celebrities, Merchandise.
The Normal other things that go into an event of this magnitude.

-     Of course.  Others had to point this out for this to be explained to the masses. Still not sure he grasps it all.

 Sadly, in 2017 The dealership closed due to an Ownership Dispute.

-    Interesting way to ‘explain’ the failure of the dealership away.

In 2018, Indian Bike Week was put on hold.

-   And yet it was stated multiple times how great and huge it was going to be.

In 2019 Indian Bike Week kicked up some dust and reignited the tradition.

-     Several bikes defines “kicked up some dust?” Elsewhere,  it is stated it never happened along with 2018

In August of 2020, 16th-23rd, the Indian Bike Week tradition continues with the foreshadowing to THE INDIAN GUINNESS 3500. Yes, there has been some confusion.

-     Of course there is confusion. Whom it there right mind promotes two events simultaneously, while continually changing up the current one that most likely will never happen?

There are two events. This year, August 16th-23rd 2020, and Next year August 15th-22nd 2021.

This years event for August 2020 is as follows:
And to Register xxxxx

 This event is being held in Minnesota... and NO not in Minneapolis.
Don't worry, Minnesota is Beautiful. Not ALL of it got burned.. just a few city blocks
and we won't be anywhere near that disaster. Plus we do a lot of Wisconsin Riding
in the hills and Valleys.

The schedule for this year:

Sunday August 16th
10am Meet and Greet at Washington County Fair Grounds
10:30am Kickstands up to Vino in the Valley in Spring Valley Wisconsin for Lunch
1:30pm Ride From Vino in the Valley to PD PAPPYS In Stillwater
5pm Tiki Bar In Stillwater for Dinner Special Menu Provided

Monday August 17th
10 am Meet at Washington County Fair Grounds
10:30 Ride up to Wolf Creek Taylors falls Area Wisconsin for Lunch
1pm Departure for The Roller Coaster Highway
2pm Arival in Star Prairie Friendly Bar
5pm Dinner at Fiesta Cancun Stillwater Special Menu Provided

Tuesday August 18th
9am Breakfast at Key's Cafe
11 am Meet and Greet at Washington County Fair Grounds
11:15 Kick Stands up for the Pickle Factory for Lunch in Wisconsin
1pm Arrival for Lunch
2:30pm Take off with stops along the way back up to Quacks
5pm at Marine on the St Croix at 5pm for Dinner at Quacks

Wednesday August 19th
9am Breakfast at Key's Cafe in Woodbury
1030am Meet and Greet at Washington County Fair Grounds
10:45 Kick Stands up and Ride to Weston Bar in Weston Wisconsin
12pm Arrival
1:30pm Take off from Weston Wisconsin
Stops along the way back to St Paul
5pm Arrival at La Costa Restaurant In St Paul

Thursday August 20th
10am Meet and Greet at Washington County Fair Grounds
10:30am Kick Stands up and Ride through and to Maden Rock and back through Lake Peppin
Lunch at 1:30pm at Turtle Lake Casino
3:30 Dinner Ride To PD Pappy's In Stillwater

Friday August 21st
10am Meet and Greet at Washington County Fair Grounds
10:30 Kick Stands up to to Black Bear Casino
1:30pm Arrival Time and Lunch
4pm Departure
6:30 pm Dinner at Sals in Grant Township

Saturday August 22nd
10am Meet and Greet at Washington County Fairgrounds
10:30 Kick Stands up Ride the Opposite way to the Roller Coaster Highway
1pm Arrival in Taylors Falls for Lunch
2:30 Departure and Ride through St Croix River Valley
4pm Rooftop Mallory's in Hudson Wisconsin and Dinner

Sunday August 23rd
10:00 Meet and Greet at Washington County Fairgrounds
10:15 Kick Stands up for Vino in the Valley
11:30am Lunch at Vino in the Valley
1pm Last ride
3pm Farewell Mallory's For Bloody's on the Roof Top In Hudson, WI

-     What happened to all the celebrities for 2020?  The two motorcycle raffles? The event being held AT the fairgrounds for all to camp out, etc?  Now the twist of facts is “meet and greet” in the parking lot?

In 2021 Howver this Schedule Will Change.
We WILL however hit many of the same places...
But because we will be expecting 3500 Indian Motorcycles
from around the country and Riders from around the world, We will be working
heavily with logistics.

What is the Guinness 3500? Well, if you haven't figured it out yet..
The Guinness 3500 is a goal and a record breaking event.
Why the Guinness 3500? Well, in 2019, Harley Davidson, set a world record breaking the previous record for the longest Parade of Harley Motorcycles in the history of Indian Motorcycles.

Originally our event was called the Guinness 500. We never actually hit that # but we DID still set a Guinness World record. TWICE. It took a lot of effort.
So 3500? WHY 3500?? Well.. Lets go back to the Harley record for a moment.
When Harley set their eyes on the prize, they weren't looking to beat an Indian Record.
They were looking to beat a record that was set on the other side of the world by Harley.

And low and behold they did it with 3497 Bikes. Why 3500? Cuz We're gonna beat'em by 3 and hit that 3500 #
Hence the Indian Guinness 3500.

This year in 2020, due to Covid, we wil take necessary precautions.
And hopefully by next year, we are all healthy and happy!

-    What? Ride with masks?

In August of 2021 we will shift to a much larger event.
We will have an Indian Motorcycle Giveaway,
Motorcycle vendors, Music, Camping, Bonfires, food Trucks,
On site showers, Charity Auctions, Fair Grounds, PM Beer Gardens
Movie Celebrities, Hotels, Daily Rides,
Indian Custom Bike Show, Military and First Responders Appreciation day
and so many other things. 

What about the  $49,997.00 worth of Motorcycles and Cash in Raffle Prizes?  Anyone? ANYONE???

It will take a year of planning. But we will need you to commit to coming.
We will ask that everyone registers early. And you will also need to understand
that there are event costs, and that not all money collected will go to charity.

-     Does anyone actually believe 275 is attainable much less 3500?

But the money we do collect at the Auction, 100% of THAT money will go to Charity.
Who are we contributing to? We will be contributing to Kids that cannot normally
afford school supplies in the community as we have in the past. These are identified
school children by teachers and social services. We are donating to the poorest Native American Reservations as we have many many times in the past. We are donating to First respondors such as Fire, Police, and EMS. We are donating to the Shadow Warrior Project as we have in the past. We are donating to all Branches of the Miltary where their is a need.

And we are also donating to families of fallen soldiers as we did recently. The money we collect goes to help people who are in difficult situations or need a little push in the right directions.

We support education, First Responders and Military. We will also be donating to the Gillette Children's Fund and hospital which helps kids around the world who are suffering from a medical ailment. THAT is who we are contributing to. BUT WE CANNOT DO THIS EVENT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REGISTER.

How much does it cost? To Register for the Guinness 3500 will cost you $100 per person.
Driver and rider separately. Why? Well the Rider will also get a shirt and patch.
And the Rider gets to participate, and the Rider gets to meet the Celebrities, and the Rider
also gets to get their Guinness World Record Certificate for Participating. Although they
count bikes, not people, we need to be fair to everyone. Doesn't matter if they don't drive a bike.
They are going to have fun, and we will ensure that everyone participating gets their Moneys worth.
We will also be creating a unique Guinness World Record Shirt.

We will be adding updates to this event as we begin the hectic planning process.
We are also considering either #-ing Shirts or Patches.

For this years event we are doing 2 different colored shirts.
Please see by clicking on the link here: ... xxxxxxx

If you would like a shirt but will not be able to attend, you can still register for the shirt and
also get the patch. The registration will still cost $100. REMEMBER... It will go to next
years event and to the charity pot. We will be making donations this year to help those in
need.. and also filling the tank to make sure we can get THE GUINNESS 3500 Rolling for
next year. Yes, we WILL have Celebrities in 2021. Stay tuned for that.
In the past we have had Tommy Flannagan from Sons of Anarchy, Danny Trejo (Machete), Emilio Rivera, Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC, Rusty Coons from Sons of Anarchy, John Munro, son of Burt Munro from the Worlds Fastest Indian, And We've also had Mark Giest who was in the Benghazi Incident. Hopefully we can have them all back again and more!

Are you still here? Did you make it down this far? Good, you'll be in the know.

Do you have an Indian Motorcycle? Make sure you Join this group!

xxxxxx    if you do own one!

So please check back for more updates. as we will be adding to this thread!
We hope to see you this year and next year!


  • 23 AUG 2020 update. The 2020 event: complete failure!  Disagree? Change my mind with proof 
  • UPDATE 24 Aug 2020: Just saw where IRIP in Branson this week has 40-50 bikes. IIRA several weeks ago had about 40.   Just thought ... we'd leave that info right there........ 
  •  Update September 7, 2020:  IIRA had a chapter ride from NE to MN and double down with some folks.. yep .. you guessed it.  More bikes than...  'bike week 2020'  lol
  • Update: Year 2020 is coming to a close. SUPPOSEDLY .. .200+ bikes registered.  Guessing 90% of those that will go, have registered. Can anyone explain how 3500 bikes are supposed to roll in .. much less.... 275?  Does anyone actually believe Guinness will be hired when that is like .... 8% of what is being pushed (275 of 3500) ????  EIGHT PERCENT...   
  • Update Mar 2021. Short six months to go ...Some things just reek of a scam and BS. .. 3500? BAHAHAHAHAHA .. 'Come on' Man!' ...   on a side note.. my thought of the day .. who's watching (we call that oversight) the Piggy Bank of incoming funds?   Just thinking out loud :)  
  • Update May 2021:  This is supposed to be for a charity .. .but... IRS >>Auto-Revocation List>>
    Organizations whose federal tax exempt status was automatically revoked for not filing a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years.
    Revocation Date: 05-15-2020 
  • Update 28 May 2021:  Interesting.   Apparently Welch Charities is back in the good graces of the IRS, per posts by .. you know whom.  The IRS only shows tax returns for 2014 and 2016 last time I checked .. here it is .. 2021.  Huh.  Well, I take back the last statement then .. consider it incorrect apparently.      Interesting how it took all this time to post that.   He told me personally he'd show me the 2015 and 2017 990s ... still, have never seen them. BUT .. then where is the 2018, 2019 and 2020 990s?  Show 'em all I say!!!!! But hey .. now everyone can deduct a whole $100 to $225 this year for their costs...   Now the sheep can go buy a new bike with all that  .. or .. spark plugs? It's all virtually FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ( his own words in the past) 
  • POST Event Update I:  Apparently the celebs got paid and showed up.  Few hundred bikes showed up (211?).  No Custom bike Show.  No Music. Barely any vendors. No Motorcycle(s) given away. No records broken.  Lot of newbies with no long term history with the brand or the history of this BS.  Let the next phase of the BS begin ....   Hey, just lower the lower the bar and do something like ... Most female riders on an Indian or something like that, or most sheep in a side car ....  pick whatever is easiest to achieve?  .. enjoy .. LMAO 
  •  POST Event Update II:  Anyone seen how much got 'raised?'  How much was given to charity? Anyone.... anyone??  lol
  • POST Event Update III:  Did the Celebs do this for .. .FREE?  Of course not ..  they got paid to say whatever they were paid to say .. they are .. ummm.. Actors. (js .. LOL)  ... if they'd done it for free, wonder how much would have actually gone to .. charity?
  • POST Event Update IV: Who won the bike show?  Any pics of the trophy or bike?  Asking for a friend...
  • POST Event Update V:  At least someone learned what the meaning of ATTEMPT is ...  prevents things from being labeled... 'scam?'  


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