History Time-Line

Some of the below will seem childish.  Some of it borderline absurd/crazy. Some of it .. enlightening.  For some newbies considering putting themselves in the mix, educational.  Welcome to my version of the Twilight Zone.  Trust me ...  I STILL find it sometimes.... unbelievable.  The below is just a sampling of what has actually happened and continues TODAY to still be happening.  The below is simply what made it onto my blogs.  Believe me when I say ... "You have no idea."

The Archival:  

Copied all the B.S. links from my personal Blog to this new Blog to simplify the process of anyone trying to  understand how things went south early in 2017 and continues even today. Moving forward, keeps this crap off my personal page which I've been successful of since late '18.

The below are LINKS to the original blog posts!

Links updated 8 June 2021