History Time-Line

Some of the below will seem childish.  Some of it borderline absurd/crazy. Some of it .. enlightening.  For newbies considering putting themselves in the mix, probably educational.  Welcome to my version of the Twilight Zone.  Trust me, I STILL find it sometimes unbelievable.  The below is just a sampling of what has actually happened and continues until recently to be happening.  The below is simply what made it onto my blogs.  Believe me when I say  "You have no idea."

The Archival:  

Copied all the B.S. links from my personal Blog to this new Blog to simplify the process of anyone trying to  understand how things went south early in 2017 and continues even today. Moving forward, keeps this crap off my personal page which I've been successful of since late '18.

The below are LINKS to the original blog posts!

Links updated 8 June 2021
  • The  Indian guinness 1000 in 2020 
    • The event that never happened?  
    • Lies, Scam or Confused?  
  • General Manager of Indian Bike Week 
    • Funny how FB ties back to past jobs. Has shArt going off the rails. Check out the comments section
  •   Uninvited
    • Out of the blue, tells me not to come to IBW. Then threatens me with an invite with consequences.  Then threatens me NOT to come. Make up your mind!
  •  Caution!
    • IMRG President out of a Wisconsin Chapter advises some folks NOT to got to IBW. The event promoter threatens him and the dealership with bad publicity and who knows what else
  •  YouTube Hate Channel 
    • Last year, the lil Racist started posting hate videos with recordings and pics of myself and others.   At some level .. was a notch funny.  Other level, you realize what a whack job this guy is ....  YouTube, FB and VIMEO .. all deleted the BS rightfully so.
  • I've got a new unknowing fan
    • Gotta' see the humor with this one.. she gives excellent advice... which he not only discards, but outright lies

  •  " indian bike week " A Scam?
    • 2020 was a joke.  One could argue it never happened.  2021. What will that bring?
  • 2021 event FAILED in most every aspect . You can't fix Stupid.  Moving forward, this Blog is Archived for historical purposes. Of course, for the next year many of his posts will be rambling on how it wasn't a SCAM!  He spent money the sheep paid for his paid for friends (celebs) and a Guinness employee whom was probably laughing at the stupidity of it all. But, it was "LEGIT!"   Yeah .. keep that line up...


RickkciR said…
Sadly, most looking at this page don't realize those bullet statements above are LINKS to it all ....
RickkciR said…
Got quiet for a few weeks... now.. on FIRE again .. guessing the word, continues to get out!?